Resources for Health

Get all the forms, information, tools, tips and research you need to run, promote and grow one or more Healthy Athletes disciplines and Healthy Communities.

Key Health Resources

Health Research

These resources show the disparities people with intellectual disabilities face in wellness and access to health care, and the positive impact Special Olympics is having on these issues.

Healthy Athletes System (HAS)

Enables the electronic capture of screening data across the Healthy Athletes disciplines.

Health Branding

Materials needed to explain and promote Special Olympics health initiatives are in this category.

Health Messengers

All the tools and resources you need for becoming a Health Messenger, Mentor, and fulfilling your Health Messenger duties.

Healthy Communities and Healthy Athletes Disciplines

Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities makes healthcare an ongoing, community-based and year round focus for our athletes.

Fit Feet

The Fit Feet discipline of the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program provides examinations and follow-up recommendations about foot health for our athletes.


The FUNfitness discipline of Healthy Athletes provides free examinations to measure flexibility, strength, balance and aerobic fitness.

Health Promotion

The Health Promotion discipline of Healthy Athletes educates athletes on healthy living, healthy lifestyle choices and locally relevant health issues.

Healthy Hearing

The Healthy Hearing discipline of Healthy Athletes provides hearing examinations and follow-up recommendations.


The MedFest discipline of Healthy Athletes offers the physical exam that all athletes need prior to participating in Special Olympics sports programming.

Opening Eyes

The Opening Eyes discipline of Healthy Athletes provides vision examinations and follow-up recommendations for Special Olympics athletes in partnership with Lions Clubs International.

Special Smiles

The Special Smiles discipline of Healthy Athletes helps athletes optimize their oral health.

Strong Minds

This discipline focuses on the emotional wellness of our athletes.