Protective Behaviors

Welcome! Thank you for being a part of the Special Olympics family. It is through the caring, concern and talents of all our athletes, families, and volunteers that Special Olympics has become one of the most respected sports programs in the world.

Your participation in the Protective Behaviors Training Program is just one more way that you demonstrate your dedication. This training is for all Class A Volunteers within Special Olympics (example: Coaches, Unified Partners, etc). The Protective Behaviors Training Program is training aimed at preventing sexual abuse against Special Olympics athletes, as well as, ensuring the athletes' protection.

Please review the following instructions and information for completing Protective Behaviors Training Program. Thank you!


STEP 1: Learning Portal

Open the Special Olympics Learning Portal

Please note: The recommended browser is the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome or Internet Explore 10 or above

STEP 2: Drop Down

Using the Drop down menu, select "Protective Behaviors."

Selecting Protective Behaviors from the drop down menu.

STEP 3: Log In/Register

If you have used the Special Olympics Learning Portal previously, please use your email and password to login.

If you are new to the Special Olympics Learning Portal, please click the “Don’t have an account? Create One” link. Follow the steps for registration.

Please note: Your email will only be used for communication about the Special Olympics Learning Portal and courses for Class A Volunteers.

Special Olympics Learn Portal log in

STEP 4: New User

New User Registration Part 1

Please fill out the required fields. Please note instructions on the following:
  • Mobile No / Primary No: It is required to submit a contact phone number in this area, however it is not required to select a country code. For United States, the country code is "1".
  • Learning Area: It is very IMPORTANT to select “Protective Behaviors”.
  • Region: If you associated with a Special Olympics Program in the United States, please choose “SO-North America” and then choose your Program in the next drop down.
Please note: If you live outside the United State or do not know your Program region, you can view all Programs by region here.
  • Primary Language: This is not a drop down, please enter “English” or your other primary language.
  • Privacy Policy // Terms & Conditions: You must check both fields to move forward.

Finally, proceed to hit “REGISTER”.

STEP 5: Regisration

New User Registration: Confirmation

Upon completion you will receive a web confirmation that your registration has gone through, see screenshot below:
Image depicting registration is complete.

You must then check the email that you registered to complete the process. The email will be titled “Welcome to Special Olympics!” and the sender will be “Okta”.

STEP 6: Finalize Account

New User Registration: Finalize Account

In the email, click the “Activate Special Olympics Account” button on the email within 30 days to complete registration.

Enter a new password and choose a security image to proceed.


You are now set up in Okta. Click on the Special Olympics Learning Portal to start the quiz and follow the instructions.


Upon completion of the Protective Behaviors quiz, you will receive an email confirmation of completion along with a certificate. Additionally, an email will be sent directly to your Program representative.

QUESTIONS? Please email us.