MedFest (history and physical exam)

MedFest was created to offer the physical exam that all athletes need prior to participating in Special Olympics sports programming. It is sometimes the first exposure these athletes have to medical care.

In many cases, life-threatening conditions have been found and subsequently treated thanks to MedFest. Led by volunteer physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and medical students, the MedFest screening consists of the following stations: medical history, height and weight, blood pressure, cardiology test, musculoskeletal test, orthopedic tests, abdominal evaluation, and a check out station.

For more information or for questions about the new MedFest form (below), contact Peyton Purcell (, Senior Manager, MedFest.




Training for Clinical Directors

Medfest Training for Clinical Directors and Volunteers: An 18-minute video is an overview of the Healthy Athletes MedFest examination process. It was made as a training resource for MedFest volunteers and clinical directors.

Promotional MedFest Video

Promotional 90 second video shows how MedFest provides essential sports physical exams to our athletes in a welcoming and professional way.


Medical Forms and Legal Forms

Equipment and Supply Lists

Educational Materials



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