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Requesting Special Olympics’ Data

If you are the Primary Requestor:
To gain access to Healthy Athletes, Fitness, or Attitudes data, you are required to complete TWO forms:

  • The first form will ask you to list names and emails for ALL individuals that will need access to the data. If you are an undergraduate student or currently pursuing a Master's Degree, you must include an adviser or mentor on this form. Once this first form is submitted, you will not be able to go back and edit it. If you wish to add another name, you will have to begin a new form. All individuals included on this form will have to sign the Data Request and Proposal Form before the agreement can proceed.
  • The second form will ask you to provide more detail regarding your request, including the specific data requested, research question/purpose, dissemination intentions, proof of IRB approval or exemption, and your resume/CV. We will not be able to proceed with this request until all required questions are answered with sufficient detail and all necessary attachments are included.

Once all signatures are received and Special Olympics approves the request, please allow up to two weeks to receive the data.

Once the data is received, this data agreement will remain active for one year. Prior to the expiration of this agreement, you will receive and be required to sign the final page of this same Data Request and Proposal Form. Your signature will acknowledge the end of the agreement and require you removal of data in all forms upon expiration. If you wish to request an extension, you will need to submit a new proposal.

Please note that per this agreement, publication drafts of any kind (manuscript, poster, presentation) using findings from data you requested must be shared with SOI for review prior to submission.

If you have any questions related to either form, please email

Preview a read only version of the request form.