Strong Minds (emotional health)

Strong Minds is an interactive learning activity focused on developing adaptive coping skills. Competition provides a natural opportunity to develop active strategies for maintaining emotional wellness under stress, such as: thinking positive thoughts, releasing stress and connecting with others.

For more information please contact Jamie Valis, Senior Manager of Strong Minds.




Healthy Athletes Software (HAS) and Legal Forms

  • Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF): This agreement is a risk management method that Special Olympics has put in place to prevent Special Olympics and its Healthy Athletes volunteers from suffering financial damage for an incident that they did not cause.
  • Healthy Athlete Software (webpage): The Strong Minds Healthy Athletes Software (HAS) form used to collect and report data at a Strong Minds event.

Equipment and Supply List

Educational Materials

Master Equipment List



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Lawrence Mwangi playing keeper and guarding the goalie's net.
Lawrence Mwangi is a standout player for Special Olympics Kenya’s Floor Hockey team. His speed and skill helped the team win game after game, eventually climbing to the top of their division.
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Young athlete is given an eye exam by a volunteer while another athlete watches.
The first-ever Pan African Games provided a one of a kind experience, including in Healthy Athletes, with 1845 screenings in just 5 days!
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As local students made their way to lectures, athletes competing in the Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games 2020 participated in free health screenings through the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes programme.
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