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A young boy being observed. A young boy being observed.
Healthy Young Athletes (Pediatric Screening)
Healthy Young Athletes is a holistic pediatric screening offered to children 2 – 7 years old, with and without Intellectual Disabilities, as an initial offering by Healthy Athletes. The screening can be implemented across the three Young Athletes implementation models—school, community, and home—as well as in conjunction with large-scale Healthy Athletes events. The screening is intended to complement a child’s primary care and provides an additional review of the child’s health and development. It is therefore paired with a comprehensive referral and community support strategy that links families with local providers, community services, and education resources for follow-up and continued support. It also serves as an educational experience to increase health and development knowledge amongst parents and caregivers. This is achieved by identifying medical, developmental, and behavioral concerns that parents and caregivers may have about their child and directing them to the appropriate resources.

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  • Virtual Training for Clinical Directors (Video) (Coming Soon)
  • Virtual Presentation for Clinical Directors (PPTX) (Coming Soon)


Healthy Athletes Software (HAS) and Legal Forms Equipment and Supply List
  • Pediatric Screening Products Needs Form (PNF) (Coming Soon)
  • Healthy Athlete Master Equipment List (Coming Soon)
    A list of supplies that can be requested from Special Olympics for your Healthy Athletes event.
  • Sample Venue Layout (Coming Soon)
Referral Resources
  • Referral Letter Template (Coming Soon)
  • School District Assessment Request Template (Coming Soon)
  • Healthy Young Athlete Report Card (Coming Soon)
Clinical Guidelines
  • Vision Screening Training and Guidelines (Coming Soon)
  • Audio Screening and Referral Guidelines (Coming Soon)
  • Care Pathways (Coming Soon)
  • Care Coordination Guidelines (Coming Soon)
Educational Materials