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Athletes participating in stretching exercises. Athletes participating in stretching exercises.
Fitness Captain
To be a great athlete, you must be a healthy athlete. A focus on fitness through the lens of sport can help drive positive daily choices that support sports performance, injury prevention and improvement in overall health and wellbeing. Fitness Captains will work closely with their coaches to help ensure health and fitness is a key component of the sports experience.

The purpose of this training course is to provide Fitness Captains the required skills and knowledge that will allow them to lead their sports team in activities related to fitness and healthy lifestyle.

“I enjoy being a Fitness Captain because I get to be a role model to other athletes for them to be healthier and to be more confident in what they’re doing in everyday life.”
Aidan McNeese, Fitness Captain, Special Olympics Colorado

Independent Activities

These resources were created to support Fitness Captains perform their responsibilities. Whether you are brand new to Athlete Leadership or you have taken similar courses before, these resources will walk you through a wide range of activities and reflection questions to help you be a great Fitness Captain!

Warm-Up and Cool-Down Guides

For all of our recognized and official sports, find coaching guides, development models, photos and videos and other related materials. You can also find information on locally popular sports in the mix.

Warm-Up and Cool-Down Videos

Dynamic Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs are an important part of every workout, training session, or competition. Follow along with these videos to learn how to perform the different exercises in the sport-specific warm-up and cool-down guides.

Resources for Programs

These resources were created to support Programs in identifying and managing their Fitness Captains.

Fitness Captains Directory Submission

Thank you for training Fitness Captains in your Program! Please complete this form following the conclusion of your Fitness Captain Training. The purpose of the Fitness Captain Directory is to:
  • Track the number of trained Fitness Captains
  • Capture basic information so that we can identify a Fitness Captain for a new activation, as opportunities arise
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