When to Use the Revised Athlete Medical Form

Special Olympics Healthy Athlete MedFest Events

Starting in 2016, the form is required globally at all MedFest events that are funded with SOI grants, or covered under SOI's U.S. malpractice insurance policy.

World and Regional Games

Starting in 2016, the revised medical form is the standard pre-participation medical form for all World and Regional Games as well as any other SOI-led events moving forward.

Local Athlete Registration

There is no requirement to use this form for local registration at this time, but we are exploring strategies to have Programs using the medical form for all registering athletes participating in local Special Olympics sport activities by 2020. SOI will be working through its regional offices to discuss and pilot local implementation in certain locations before introducing the form more broadly. Programs who have already begun using the new medical form are encouraged to continue to do so with the most up-to-date version.

We recognize that there are certain situations where the new form will not be feasible or practical. In such circumstances, SOI will work with Programs to determine when appropriate exceptions should be made in locations where implementation of the new medical form will be difficult or impossible because of local standards or circumstances. Contact Autumn Jones if you have questions.

For schools that have an existing pre-participation medical form used for school athletic programming, athletes may submit a completed school medical form to Special Olympics Programs in place of the Special Olympics medical form. If the school does not have a pre-participation medical form, the Special Olympics medical form should be used. It is requested that whatever form is being used is shared with SOI.

The medical form is not intended to be used for Unified Sports partners or Young Athletes participants (ages 2 – 7).

Additional guidance and resources will be developed and provided to help with the implementation moving forward. We will also be exploring technology options to further improve the ease of form submission by athletes and families and also data entry and import into GMS and HAS by Program staff.

NOTE: At this time there is no requirement to enter data into the Games Management System (GMS), although it is encouraged. Additionally, as we transition to the new Healthy Athlete System (HAS), there is no requirement that data be entered into HAS for MedFest.

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