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Rhythmic Gymnastics
Three athletes pose while a coach assists with hand techniques.
Group Floor and Hoop Forms
Download and print for judging these routines
Judging Courses
The Rhythmic Gymnastics Judges Courses are designed to help judges be as objective as possible when tabulating scores to rank the athletes for the purpose of divisioning and awards. These courses will educate potential Special Olympics judges and provide trained rhythmic gymnastics judges with guidelines for evaluating the routines according to Special Olympics Rules.
Guides, videos and judging materials for rhythmic gymnastics from 2016 – 2023
Floor Routine
View the routine from front and back views
Routine (MP4): 
Music: Mermaid (MP3)
View the routine from front and back views
Routine (MP4):
Music: Ghostbusters (MP3)
Level 4
Level 4 routines are optional routines, using music and choreography chosen for each gymnast. For this reason, there are no videos for Level 4.
View each routine from front and side views within one video.
This page draws together rhythmic gymnastics-related information for all of Special Olympics. The coaching materials and other links will help you get a good sense of how this sport contributes to Special Olympics.