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Building from sport, Unified Leadership teaches leaders without disabilities to value and learn from people with intellectual disabilities to make changes and create environments where people with intellectual disabilities get opportunities to have meaningful jobs and roles.
Many Special Olympics athlete leaders are successful media influencers, teammates, coaches and community activists. This becomes possible when people around them welcome, value and support their determination, effort and skills. Unfortunately, many people with intellectual disabilities are unable to achieve their leadership potential because of the attitudes, behaviors and low expectations of people without disabilities.

The Unified Leadership approach helps people without disabilities to turn from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion, changing their attitudes and behaviors to create meaningful inclusion in their teams, organizations, families and communities.

If you are a company or organization leader looking to partner with us and receive Unified Leadership training, please email Daniel Orzechowski.
Unified Leadership Let them lead
Unified Leadership: Let Them Lead
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Unified Leadership: Let Them Lead
Resources for Internal Audiences
Within Special Olympics, the Unified Leadership approach is being implemented through athlete leaders educating staff, volunteers, coaches, health workers and others about inclusion and unity. Learning about Unified Leadership is always experiential and practical. It enables leaders without disabilities to promote and accept a new way of doing things.
More information about Unified Leadership for Special Olympics audiences.
Presentation of Unified Leadership for internal audiences
Resources for External Audiences
Special Olympics is putting inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities on the radar through engaging our partners’ leaders and employees. With education sessions co-led by the Special Olympics athlete leaders, we highlight the need to consider people with intellectual disability in D&I and culture building strategies.
More information about Unified Leadership for external audiences such as partners, donors and governments.
Presentation of Unified Leadership for external audiences
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