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These tools will support engaging families in diverse roles throughout Special Olympics. We encourage you to share them widely with both families and Program staff. 

Family Leader Training Materials

The Family Leader Training is a designed to train families as leaders in the Movement. This training can be used at any level of the organization.

Global Family Leadership Council

Amal Khafaoui

Special Olympics Middle East/North Africa - Sibling


Special Olympics East Asia - Parent

Wendy Trotter

Special Olympics North America - Parent

Pelotlhomogi Rantseo

Special Olympics Africa - Parent

Vaiva Abramaviciute de Silva

Special Olympics Europe Eurasia - Caregiver

Claudia Peña Testa

Special Olympics Latin America - Parent

Nauman Mehboob

Special Olympics Asia Pacific - Parent

For More Information

For more information about Family Resources please contact Hannah Helton, Sr. Manager, Family Engagement.


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