Young Athletes Registration Forms

Before participating in activities, Young Athletes participants must register with an accredited Special Olympics Program. During registration, athletes provide important information. They also get information about Special Olympics. In the process, Special Olympics gets permissions to help protect children, understand their needs, and communicate about the movement.

The forms on this page are for Special Olympics Program staff to use in welcoming participants to Special Olympics Young Athletes. If you are interested in having your child join Young Athletes, please contact the Special Olympics Program near you for its registration forms.

Download other Special Olympics registration forms by visiting the Athlete Registration Forms page and Volunteer and Unified Partner Registration Forms page.

Young Athletes Registration and Release Forms

The general registration and release forms include:

  1. 1. Registration Form: This form asks for contact and other information.
  2. 2. Release Form: This form goes over risks, use of likenesses, emergency medical care, consent for health program participation, personal information, and other important details.
  3. 3. Likeness Release for Sponsors (Optional): This form gives athletes an option to allow sponsors to use their likenesses. Please be sure to read the instructions on the use of this form here.

The general Young Athletes registration and release forms are available in three versions, designed to address requirements of different countries:

  1. YA1: for Programs in the United States
  2. YA2: for Programs in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland  
  3. YA3: for Programs in all other countries

Programs are encouraged to consult local legal counsel to ensure the forms are compliant in their jurisdictions. If you need to make substantive changes to the forms, please contact Rebecca Ralston ( for approval.

Young Athletes School Registration Forms

In some cases, when Young Athletes is run in schools and the liability of all activities falls to the school, not Special Olympics, the Young Athletes School Registration Form may be used in place of the individual registration form. If the School Registration Form is used, Special Olympics may only use photos from these activities, if the child’s parent/guardian fill out a separate Photo Release Form.

For more details about using the School Registration Form, please consult the Overview document below.

Young Athletes Supplemental Forms

Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form:
The Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form (formerly called the Religious Objections Form) is rarely used and should only be completed if an athlete or legal guardian does not consent to emergency medical care on religious or other grounds and has marked a box under the Emergency Care provision on the Young Athletes Release Form.

It is recommended that Programs not include this form in general registration packets and instead make the form available upon request or by download online.

If you have questions about this form, please contact the SOI Legal Department (