Healthy Communities Resources

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Healthy Communities

Access materials designed to give users an overview of Healthy Communities and year-round health programming. Learn how Special Olympics Healthy Athletes® events and Healthy Communities programming are closely-linked and complementary for maximum impact on the health and well-being of athletes.

1 Year Grants

Learn how your Program can lead the way in changing the healthcare system for people with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics goal is to reach 100 Programs recognized as Healthy Communities by 2020.

Project Planning Tools

Budget Tools




2018 Application Package

3 Year Grants

Please note that Programs with demonstrated success in 1-year Healthy Community Grants and/or proven success in health programming will be selected to apply for 3-year Healthy Community Grants. Please contact your Regional Healthy Athletes Manager if you are interested in receiving a 3-year Healthy Communities Grant.

Project Planning Tools

Budget Tools



Golisano Health Leadership Award

Resources Library


Self-Funded Programs

Visit this frequently-updated site to access the latest materials developed and shared by and with Special Olympics Programs that are working within their communities and with partners to break down barriers experienced by people with intellectual disabilities when seeking access to quality health care, services and education.

Follow-up Care

Download materials on follow-up care - or what happens after a Healthy Athletes exam – which is an essential component of Healthy Communities programming.

Wellness Programs

Access tools for athletes, coaches and families related to self-advocacy, education and community activation.

Athlete Leadership

Special Olympics global health work would not be possible without the thousands of health care professionals and students who volunteer and who share they increase their understanding and skills because of their involvement with Special Olympics.

Branding and Data

Share evidence of Special Olympics’ impact. Special Olympics is the largest global public health organization dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities, and our data clearly indicates a need for societies to do more.


Special Olympics Health program is made possible by many dedicated partners and volunteers. Learn more about some of our partners here.

Healthy Athletes

Healthy Athletes events are essential to a Program becoming a Healthy Community. Healthy Athletes events provide free health exams to athletes in more than 130 countries.

Champions for Inclusive Health

Find resources for holding a Champions for Inclusive Health meeting in your state or country. Please note that these resources are being developed collaboratively by SOI, SO British Columbia, SO Indiana and SO Nebraska and are still a work in progress.

Evaluation of Healthy Community Pilot Programs: 2012-2015

Inclusive Health Toolkit Materials

Learn how your program can conduct a stakeholder workshop in your local area. Here you will find a toolkit, interactive templates, and more information on how to conduct an Inclusive Health workshop.