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Healthy Communities Webinars

To request links to download other past webinars, please contact Onolee Stephan.

Healthy Communities Webinars

Please note that Programs with demonstrated success in 1-year Healthy Community Grants and/or proven success in health programming will be selected to apply for 3-year Healthy Community Grants. Please contact your Regional Healthy Athletes Manager if you are interested in receiving a 3-year Healthy Communities Grant.

February 2024

Grant reminders; new Healthy Communities Resource page; presentations by Special Olympics Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Saudi Arabia.

Health Grant Financial Reporting 2023

An overview of requirements and good practices for reporting on grant spending in SmartSimple.

November 2023

Preview of Inclusive Health Partnership Tools for 2024; Year-End Financial Report Reminders; Child and Family Health Model; Introduction to Dr. Dimitri Christakis, Chief Health Officer, Special Olympics.

October 2023

Webinar discusses updates to the Single Health Evaluation for Year 3 of CDC & Golisano Foundation health grants. Inclusive Health team shares an update about how SOI will ask SO Programs to track partners and collaborations in their health work.

September 2023

An overview of Health-related initiatives at Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023. Topics include: Healthy Athletes screenings, event medical operations, and the Golisano Health Leadership Awards.

July 2023

The global Fitness team presents findings and recommendations from their Fitness Through Sport evaluation. Listen to hear about excellent, easy resources for sports coaches.

May 2023

We hear from Special Olympics Macau, Utah, Paraguay and Uganda about health work related to screenings, care coordination, training clinicians, and university partnerships.

May 2023 Evening Webinar: Brittany Routh, Director of Healthy Athletes, and Rebekah Fettkether, Director of Clinical Education and Training, share updates from SO headquarters about developments occurring in health screenings, care coordination, clinician training, and university partnerships.

April 2023

Phyllis Heydt of Missing Billion Initiative discusses the 2022 Missing Billion Report, “Reimagining Health Systems that Expect, Accept and Connect 1 Billion People with Disabilities.”

February 2023

We discuss the recent WHO Report on the Health Equity for Persons with Disabilities, as well as Health Messenger minimum training standards. SOI Data team previews the forthcoming self-service Healthy Athletes data tool.

January 2023

A global overview of Community Health Workers and the role they play in advancing inclusive health.

November 2022

SOI Finance gives a subgrant management and monitoring training, which SO Programs can reference when completing end of year budget reports.

October 2022

SOI provides an update about follow-up care practices, followed by a group discussion. Golisano Award nomination process for 2022 – 23 is also announced.

August 2022

SOI Finance discuss the standard operating procedure document for Health subgrant management and reporting.

July 2022

This webinar provides an overview of the Golisano Health Leadership Awards and how Programs can nominate their partners.

January 2022

This webinar is a review of the new Single Health Evaluation (SHE) for reporting health metrics. This will be completed twice per year by all Programs receiving a Health Impact or Healthy Athletes grant.