Healthy Communities Webinars

For 2016 and 2017 Three-year Grant Webinars and links to download all webinars, please contact Kristin Srour.
Healthy Communities Webinars
Please note that Programs with demonstrated success in 1-year Healthy Community Grants and/or proven success in health programming will be selected to apply for 3-year Healthy Community Grants. Please contact your Regional Healthy Athletes Manager if you are interested in receiving a 3-year Healthy Communities Grant.
We discuss virtual promotion and celebration tips for local Golisano Health Leadership Awards. SO Kansas shares about their I-70 Fitness Challenge, and SO Israel discusses their work with the Israeli Medical Association.
Christy Weir (Virtually Promoting Golisano Health Leadership Awards)
Special Olympics Kansas
Special Olympics Israel
Programs discuss engaging athletes using tools like WhatsApp. An update about Virtual Healthy Athlete protocols is also provided.
Lebanon Slides (PDF)
Senegal Slides (PPTX)
Virtual Healthy Athlete update (PPTX)
The Advocacy Toolkit is introduced, and we interview various athlete staff members from Special Olympics Programs around the world.
SO Italy Video
Slides (PPTX)
An overview on the Health Impact Grant reporting requirements.
Slides (PPTX)
Healthy Evaluation Tracking Tool (XLSX)
An update on the grant awards and healthy communities recognition, along with a review of available resources. Special Olympic Programs Indiana, Nigeria, and Senegal share how they have been engaging their athletes and families during COVID-19.
Slides (PPTX)
Summer Games Sports and Fitness:
Challenge Packet (PDF)
Activity Listing (XLSX)
County Activity Tracker (XLSX)
• Activity Tracker Level (XLSX) 1 | 2 | 3
An update on funding, budgets, report cards, and year-end reports. The new COVID-19 “About Me” form is introduced. The online learning portal is revisited with an update an available courses.
Slides (PPTX)
Online Training (PPTX)
All End of Year Reporting Links: For Healthy Communities, the monthly report and the Mid-Year/End of Year link can be found here.
End of Year Reporting Webinar Slides (XLSX): Use this as a reference along with the webinar recording.
End of Year Reporting Tracking Tool (XLSX): A tool to help you organize your grant information in one place before you report.
End of Year Program Guide (PDF): This will tell you how Healthy Communities Criteria are determined and discusses the reporting process.
Partners List Template (XLSX): Use this template to report your Partners.
Instructions on applying for Healthy Communities Project funding in 2020-2021 grant year: The Health Impact Grant.
Special Olympics Washington highlights their partnership with Kaiser Permanente. Special Olympics Indiana gives an overview of their relationship with Indiana State Department of Health. Special Olympics Nigeria shares their fundraising framework. Special Olympics International gives guidance for reporting on partners and calculating Value In Kind contributions.
SO Washington Slides
2019 Partners list
SO Indiana Slides
SO Nigeria
Value in Kind
Dr. Matthew Holder and Dr. Priya Chandan present on the National Curriculum Initiative in Developmental Medicine. Jamie Valis presents on the online learning platform.
National Curriculum Initiative in Developmental Medicine
Penny Paul of Montana presents on Workplace Wellness, SO Papua New Guinea presents on health advocacy for people with ID, and Renee Manfredi of Hawaii gives us an update on Health Messengers activities.
SOPNG Best Practices
WELCOA 7 Benchmarks
Ellen Fahey of North Carolina presents on utilizing local Program data and Sam Engel presents on the Healthy Communities Mid-Year Report.
SONC State One Pager
SONC Data One Pager
Christy Weir, Lindsay DuBois, Kristin Hughes Srour, and Sally Cohen of SOI present about what makes a good story, how to capture that story, and how to spread it effectively.
Monica Forquer of SOI presents about engaging coaches and fitness with an introductory presentation by Lilia Carasciuc of SOI, Berit Amlie of Florida, and Jena Twete and Jordan Ficke of Colorado.
Coach Engagement Colorado
End of Year Reporting presented by Samantha Engel of SOI, Year-End Budget Report presented by Onolee Stephen of SOI, and University Partnerships presented by Belgium.
Slides - Belgium
Slides - Budget Reporting
Strong Minds presented by Jamie of SOI, Reapplication Instructions by Onolee of SOI, and Health Messenger Update from Kristin of SOI.
2019-2020 Application
Oral Hygiene Program by Hawaii, Schools and Follow-Up Care by Chile, and University Partnerships by Quebec.
Slides - Chile
Slides - Hawaii
Slides - Quebec