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What's the Right Size Volleyball for Special Olympics?

Becky Bernhardt

The Special Olympics Volleyball Rules lists several standards, such as the size of the ball and the size of courts.

Download 50th Anniversary Videos with No Onscreen Text

Will Schermerhorn

New versions of the "edgy" 50th Anniversary promo video are available now with no onscreen text.

There's a New Page for Translated Health and Sports Resources

Will Schermerhorn

There's a new page that lists all of the recently translated materials.

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Sports Essentials

Tools that Special Olympics Programs need to ensure safe, high quality training and competitions.

Leading A Program

Tools Programs need for accreditation, effective operation and innovative leadership.

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Get the information, files, tools and advice you need to explain and promote the value of Special Olympics to audiences local and global.

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Promote upcoming regional and world games plus promote and run games at the Program level.

Community Building

Special Olympics inititiatives in health, family, early involvement and opportunities for personal growth.

Strategic Plan

The Global Strategic Plan is centered on two primary goals, with relevant strategies and targets for our movement.


All the resources for health-related programs, Healthy Athletes disciplines, Healthy Communities and tools and information needed to promote and run events.

How-To Guides

Find the basics about many aspects of Special Olympics as an organization, plus helpful overviews of many important other topics.

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To be successful, Special Olympics Programs need to handle the day to day, but also plan for the future. Here's what you need to do that.