Return to Activities during COVID-19

On this page you will find the protocol and accompanying materials for guidance on Returning to Activities during the COVID-19 crisis.

This optional form may be used for any individual with intellectual disabilities (and/or unified partner) who was NOT previously registered but is participating Special Olympics’ virtual/online fitness, sports, leadership and inclusion programming services.
This form was created especially and at the request of U.S. Programs due to a shared corporate insurance program and their liability concerns. This is an example that other Regions may choose to use, but Programs must keep in mind that: 1) Our General Rules do not require waivers to be signed as a condition of participation. 2) Programs should be mindful that depending on the jurisdiction, the effect of signed waivers, of the waiver requirements themselves may differ. Consult with legal counsel locally.
Additional Guidance
This document provides a list of general recommendations that apply across all disciplines for what precautions and protocols must be in place in order to resume Healthy Athletes events in each Phase. More detailed guidance on venue flow for each discipline coming soon. Download DOCX
Developed by SONA, this is an example of general recommendations and links to international and US sport federations. All Regions/Programs should use this resource for general sport specific guidance, but may also want to add links to the appropriate national sport governing bodies. Download DOCX
Additional guidance for Special Olympics Programs, teachers and coaches implementing Young Athletes activities to ensure the health and safety of our youngest participants. DOCX: English | Arabic | Chinese | French | Spanish | Russian