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Meet Athlete Leaders

In order to truly become a movement led by athletes they must be given the opportunity to share their abilities, experiences and knowledge. Not only are we providing opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities but having athletes in leadership roles improves the quality of the programming and helps us meet our strategic goals as an organization.
Determined Future Voice for People with ID
"I want to be the voice for people with intellectual disabilities." Through sports and training, Special Olympics athlete leader Louie is redefining expectations for people with intellectual disabilities in The Gambia. Join him in building an inclusive world where people of all abilities can shine! Sign the Pledge

Athlete Representative

Athlete Leaders have limitless opportunities to provide the perspective and opinions of athletes as an Athlete Representative. Athletes serving in these roles are integral members of boards, committees and Athlete Input Councils.

Sargent Shriver International Global Messengers

Through sports training and competitions, Special Olympics helps people with intellectual disabilities find joy, acceptance and success. With additional training athletes serve as spokespeople raising awareness in their communicates and educating others about Special Olympics.

Health Messengers

Health Messengers are trained to serve as health and wellness leaders, educators, advocates and role models within their Special Olympics communities, as well as the community at large. They are leading their teams, families, friends and communities to pursue healthy lifestyles, and are advocating for healthcare providers and governments to adopt inclusive policies around health, wellness services, education and resources for people with intellectual disabilities.