Articles 9

Interpretation of General Rules

Section 9.01 Substitute Terminology | Section 9.02 Section Headings | Section 9.03 Rights of Third Parties | Section 9.04 No Waiver | Section 9.05 Translations | Section 9.06 Applicability of Rules; Superseding Effect


Articles 9 provides guidance on how to interpret the General Rules.


Section 9.01: Substitute Terminology

Wherever the phrase "intellectual disability” or “intellectual disabilities" appears in these General Rules, any Accredited Program may substitute "mental handicap", “mental disability”, “mental retardation” or other phrase approved by SOI if such alternate phrase is required or recognized by the government in the jurisdiction where the Accredited Program is located. An Accredited Program or GOC may use such an alternate phrase (whether a phrase listed in the previous sentence or another phrase) only if the Program or GOC notifies SOI in writing, as SOI may require from time to time. Use of any other terminology shall require SOI's prior written approval.

Section 9.02: Section Headings

Headings are included in these General Rules for each Article and Section, and for many subsections, solely for the purpose of clarity, organization and convenience of reference. These headings are not intended to change the meaning of the particular provision to which they relate.

Section 9.03: Rights of Third Parties

SOI has promulgated these General Rules, and may amend them from time to time, solely in order to provide for the orderly administration of the Special Olympics Movement, and to provide written notice to Accredited Programs of the requirements for obtaining and maintaining authorization from SOI to conduct and operate officially sanctioned Special Olympics programs in their jurisdictions. These General Rules are not intended, however, to create or acknowledge any rights in any third parties, whether those rights are asserted against SOI, any Accredited Program, or any other authorized Special Olympics organization or Special Olympics employee or official.

Section 9.04: No Waiver

SOI shall determine, in its sole discretion, all questions concerning the application and enforcement of these General Rules in specific instances. The failure on SOI's part to insist on strict compliance by an Accredited Program in a particular situation, or to revoke accreditation or otherwise pursue remedies against an Accredited Program for violations of a particular provision of these General Rules, shall not constitute, or be interpreted by any party as constituting, any type of waiver by SOI of any of SOI's rights under these General Rules, either generally or in that particular instance.

Section 9.05: Translations

Accredited Programs may, at their own expense, translate these General Rules into any languages other than English. However, if there is any conflict between the meaning or interpretation of any translation and the meaning or interpretation of the English version of these General Rules, the English version of the General Rules shall govern and take precedence.

Section 9.06: Applicability of Rules; Superseding Effect

These General Rules supersede and take precedence over all prior versions of the Special Olympics General Rules, including, without limitation, those previously entitled "U.S. General Rules" and "International General Rules".