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Program Quality Standards

The Program Quality Standards (PQS) are a tool to help Programs develop and increase quality of programmatic areas and overall operations. They help Programs identify what to focus on in order to provide athletes with the highest quality programming.

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S1.1 Local operations, structures & outreach
S1.2 Coach education
S1.3 Frequency & quality of sports
S1.4 Local partnerships
S1.5 Health & well-being integration
800x800 - S2 - Empowering Athlete Leaders and Other Change-Makers.jpg

S2.1 Skills & knowledge
S2.2 Unified Schools
S2.3 Internal athlete jobs/roles
S2.4 Athletes & youth teaching inclusion
800x800 - S3 - Fostering Inclusive Services and Settings.jpg

S3.1 High level systems change
S3.2 Inclusive organizations
S3.3 Use Games to change systems
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E1.1 Digital Platforms
E1.2 Digital content
E1.3 Data management
E1.4 Secure online environment
E1.5 Digital modernization
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E2.1-3 Build strategic partnerships
E2.4-E2.5 Fundraising capacity
E2.6-7 Diversify funding channels
800x800 - E2 - Building the Brand.jpg

E3.1 Brand reach
E3.2 Build on global Special Olympics events
E3.3 Build on external events
E3.4 Athlete leaders building awareness
E3.5-7 Local marketing & communications
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E4.1 Unified Leadership
E4.2 Leadership development
E4.3 Board of Directors
E4.4 Volunteers & staff
E4.5 Quality improvements
E4.6 Evaluation & data use
E4.7 Tools & practices
E4.8 Internal collaboration
Program Quality Standards Self-Assessment Tool
Tool Tutorial (PPTX)
PQS Self-Assessment Tool
Tool Tutorial
Program Quality Standards Self Assessment Tool Tutorial
Tool Webinar
The PQS Self-Assessment Program webinars cover the What? The Why? and the How? of Program Quality Standards, and includes a detailed walk-through of the PQS self-assessment tool.
PQS Self Assessment Tool Webinar - English