Program Quality Standards

With the help of Program leaders all over the world, we have developed standards to guide Programs to improve in ten broad categories.


The Program Quality Standards are a tool to help Programs develop and grow. They allow Programs to identify what to focus on or change to keep moving forward. As a movement, we recognize the need to be clear about what is important. These standards are intended to spark honest conversations about what can be improved in your Program.

This is the second version of the standards. It was published in January 2017. These standards are aligned with Global Strategic Plan initiatives. For each strategy in the global plan, there is one page of standards. The number of standards has been reduced by approximately 40% compared with the original version.

The document below gives background on the standards and includes a complete listing of all standards.
Download the complete set of standards in English (PDF)


This tool (in PDF format) is designed to help use the standards at Program or sub-Program level. It should be used in conjunction with the 10 'building blocks' of Program Quality standards.



  • Brand Awareness and Communication: These quality standards deal with branding, marketing - communications and relationships, internal communications, resources, and risk management in crisis communications.
  • Community Building: These quality standards relate to athlete leadership, health and wellness, youth activation of athletes with and without intellectual disability and families offering services to young people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Digital and Technology: These standards relate to technology plan and improvement, types of hardware, applications and data reporting, and risk management.
  • Games and Competitions: These standards deal with competition and event management, risk management, including mitigating risks related to budget, insurance and health and safety.
  • Government and Partner Relations: These quality standards relate to engaging governments to influence policy, and receiving funding and services. They also include partnerships with non-governmental, and non-corporate entities.
  • Leading A Program: These standards deal with leadership, recruitment, training, performance management, recognition, and retention and risk management.
  • Planning and Financial Management: Standards that relate to planning process, plan type and content, tracking financial processes and systems, budgeting, grant management and risk management.
  • Program Governance: These quality standards relate to board and committee composition, and responsibilities and policies.
  • Raising Funds: These standards deal with building the necessary capacity, diversity of fund sources, sustainability, donor management, mitigating risks and planning & tracking.
  • Sports Essentials: These standards standards relate to sport development, athlete and coach development, and all models of Unified Sports.


Download each set of Program Quality Standards separately. (Coming Soon)