Swimming in pools and open water swimming are popular Special Olympics activities.

Swimming Coaching Resources

Michael Phelps Foundation im Program

The Michael Phelps Foundation and Special Olympics are dedicated to growing the sport of swimming and promoting healthy and active lifestyles. The foundation created the im program to give Special Olympics swimmers the very same instruction Michael Phelps was given when he was introduced to the water.

Get in touch with a sports director at your local Program if you are interested in attending an im seminar. If you have additional questions, please reach out to the Michael Phelps Foundation’s Program Director at marissa@michaelphelpsfoundation.org

im Program Resources

About Michael Phelps Foundation and im
Learn how the foundation was created and how the im program works.
Michael Phelps Foundation im Program Overview
Watch this short video for an overview of the Michael Phelps Foundation's "im" program.
Lessons from the im Program Guide
This 26-Page PDF provides lessons from each program "bubble".
Young Athletes im Program Video Guide
The Young Athletes im Program is developed by Michael Phelps Swimming and Special Olympics. The target group is family members and instructors that are interested in introducing activities for Young Athletes in water. Right-click the links below to download the files with subtitles.