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Translated Resources

Translated materials include the Young Athletes Activity Guide, the General Rules, coaching materials and more. The materials are organized by subject and by language.


Sports Rules Article 1

  • The official Special Olympics Sports Rules provide standards for Special Olympics training and competition. This Spanish translation of Sports Rules Article I provides general principles not found in the sport-specific rules and is essential knowledge for all people involved with Special Olympics sports. English | Chinese | Russian | Spanish

Athlete Centered Coaching Guide

  • A general introduction in Spanish to coaching adults and children with intellectual disabilities, including a section on behaviors commonly associated with intellectual disabilities and effective strategies to improve athlete learning. Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish

Quick Reference Coaching Guide

  • This is the Chinese translation of our basic guide to coaching athletes with intellectual disabilities. It focuses on some behaviors often associated with ID. The tips have been developed by coaches. They will help you to improve athlete learning and give them a more enjoyable Special Olympics sport experience. Chinese | English | French | Russia | Spanish

Football Rules

This PDF contains the complete updated Special Olympics rules for football. English 2016 | Chinese


Young Athletes Activity Guide

Young Athletes Activity Videos

  • Foundational Skills: Activities that develop foundational skills, which help children become aware of themselves and their surroundings.
  • Walking and Running: Highlights different activities to improve walking and running skills.
  • Balance and Jumping: Activities, like Jumping High and Leaping Lizards, that focus on the core skill of balance.
  • Trapping and Catching: Activities that children use to stop a ball with their body or catch it with their hands.
  • Throwing: Activities, like Train Tunnel and Target Practice, that focus on grip, release, aim and other important skills in throwing.
  • Striking: Activities that teach children how to hit a ball with their hand or an object. These skills develop hand-eye coordination
  • Kicking: Activities, like Penalty Kick and Cone Dribble, that teach children how to kick a ball with their feet.
  • Advanced Sports Skills: Activities that introduce children to basketball, football (soccer) and softball skills.






  • Complete 2014 General Rules translated. Includes new rules related to atlanto-axial instability. General Rules