Developmental Sports
AJ (from Costa Rica) on the tennis court giving a thumbs up and holding a tennis racket.
Developmental Sports Implementation Guide and Sports Specific Resources
Developmental sports provides an age-appropriate introduction to sports for children with and without intellectual disabilities, ages 6-12 years old. Resources for Developmental sports include a comprehensive implementation guide and sport-specific curricula from Special Olympics sport federation partners. These sport-specific, inclusive, and age appropriate activities are not meant to be structured as a new Special Olympics program or initiative, but rather can be used to support a child’s transition to traditional Special Olympics participation, or as an introduction to Unified Sports.
A boy in a yellow shirt holding a red Special Olympics Play Unified soccer ball.
This guide will address developmental sports activities for children ages 6-12. It is packed with ready-to-use resources designed to help schools, communities and coaches effectively offer and implement developmental sports activities. Printer friendly version in English found here. Additional languages coming soon!
Red and White Badminton World Federation
Shuttle Time is the Badminton World Federation’s school age badminton program, targeting students 5 to 15 years of age. Teacher manuals and lesson plans in multiple languages available by registering here.
multi-colored FIBA mini basketball logo
Mini Basketball coaching guide and resources from the World Association of Basketball Coaches. Coaching resources in multiple languages available here.
Black and white Strider logo
Strider: Transition to Competitive Cycling 9-lesson curriculum from Strider Bikes that supports children learning to ride on a balance bike and transitioning to a pedal bike.
Green and black International Floorball Federation logo.
International Floorball Federation Youth Floorball Coaching Guide and start up kit.
Teal and white Together #WePlayStrong logo
Together We Play Strong training session worksheets for your football practice sessions. Coaching resources in multiple languages available here.
Blue and green Michael Phelps Foundation logo
The Michael Phelps Foundation has developed resources for Special Olympics through their IM program. The goal is to introduce water safety and develop comfort for children in the water for additional resources click here or contact
Blue, yellow, and white European Volleyball Federation logo
Volleyball Teacher’s Handbook from the European Volleyball Federation. For more resources visit the CEV website.
Green and yellow International Tennis Federation logo
Tennis 10s Manual for youth tennis participation from the International Tennis Federation. Coaching resources in multiple languages available here.