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Competition Management

For all Special Olympics competitions, find competition management resources and other related materials.
Roles and Responsibilities
Outline of roles and responsibilities of the lead sport authorities: the Technical Delegate and Competition Manger.
Extended outline of roles and responsibilities of lead sport authorities such as, the Technical Delegate, Competition Manager, Assistant Technical Delegate, Unified Sport Delegate and SO Connect Subject Matter Expert.
Technical Delegate Resources
The Technical Delegate is a key sport authority for a specific sport and shall be responsible for ensuring that the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) correctly interprets, implements and enforces Special Olympics Sports Rules and modifications (inclusive of Article I), Unified Sports Competition Protocol, and the rules of the relevant International Sport Federation during a World Games Competition.
A team comprised of representation from Special Olympics, Inc. (SOI), Local Organizing Committee (LOC), coaches, selected sport resource team members, officials and athletes will carry out a Technical Delegate performance assessment. The process will consider key performance indicators critical to the success of the Technical Delegates. The team will be designated for a specific sport or a cluster of sports, per decision of SOI Project Lead. The team will be provided an in-depth training of the methods and standards. It is important to note that the Technical Delegate will have the opportunity for self-assessment and feedback.
After World Games concludes, each Technical Delegate will submit an After Action Report to Special Olympics, Inc. (SOI) to evaluate the overall quality of the competition. This form must be submitted to SOI 7 days after the event.
Unified Sports Delegate Resources
The Unified Sports Delegate represents Special Olympics, Inc. with authority for overseeing the Unified Sports Competition Protocol and shall be responsible for ensuring that the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) correctly interprets, implements and enforces Special Olympics Unified Sports rules.

Protest Form
A Head Coach or his/her designee (in the absence of a Head Coach) may file a protest or appeal. Each protest must identify the relevant section number of the official Special Olympics Sport Rules, ISF or NGB rules. The protest must clearly describe how that rule has been violated.
Jury Appeals Form
An appeal form must be submitted to the Jury of Appeals no later than 60 minutes after the decision of the sport specific jury to the Sports Information Desk (SID) and will be reviewed by the Jury of Appeals.
Note: The original protest form must be attached.
Improved Performance Request Form
An Improved Performance Request form should be submitted by the sport specific Head Coach for any request to update an athlete’s score/time/measurement no later than 30 minutes of the divisioning event.