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Research Overview

Special Olympics is a leader in the field of people with intellectual disabilities and research. Use this document to increase awareness of how Special Olympics leads to change at the individual, community and societal levels.


Download entire Special Olympics Research Overview or download individual sections of the document.

  • Complete Research Overview Tool (PDF): Download Special Olympics research information in a designed-to-print, 50+-page file that covers attitudes, sports, Unified Sports, health, Unified Strategy, Young Athletes, families, demographics, brand and Program evaluation.
  • Attitudes Research Overview (PDF): This designed-to-print six-page overview of our attitudes research includes sections on the why we research attitudes, public attitudes toward people with ID, changing attitudes through Special Olympics, and key findings, and also includes citations and charts.
  • Overall Impact & Sports Research Overview (PDF): This designed-to-print, four-page overview of our sports research includes sections on why we research sports, the impact on involvement on athletes and families, World Games, and key findings.
  • Health Research Overview (PDF): This ready-to-print, four-page overview of our health research includes sections on the importance of researching health, Healthy Athletes data, measuring the impact of our health work and key findings.
  • Unified Strategy Overview (PDF): This designed-to-print, four-page overview of our Unified Strategy (formerly known as Project UNIFY) research includes sections on Unified Champion Schools, the impact on students, how school climates change and key findings.
  • Young Athletes Overview (PDF): This designed-to-print, five-page overview of our Young Athletes research includes sections on why we research Young Athletes, the impact on participants, the impact on the family and community, and key findings.
  • Families Overview (PDF): This designed-to-print, six-page overview of our research on families includes sections on the benefits of Special Olympics to the family, such as creating family networks and strengthening family relationships, as well as key findings.
  • Demographics Overview (PDF): This designed-to-print, four-page overview of our demographics research includes sections on people with intellectual disabilities, Special Olympics athletes, Special Olympics volunteers and key findings.
  • Brand Overview (PDF): Learn and share more information on Special Olympics' brand and corporate partnering.