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Marketing and Communications

Campaign Resources for 2017-2022

This is where you can find all of the resource materials for the Special Olympics 50th Anniversary and the five-year Choose To Include Campaign.


Our five-year campaign to raise funding and reach more people is now under way.

Three Pillars

  • Pillar 1: Sport and Health: Focuses on innovations in sport and health in Special Olympics. This includes the Center for Sport and Health Justice, an online center to create a quality experience for people with ID, to influence policy, and train medical professionals.
  • Pillar 2: Youth Engagement: Aims to engage young people and to create a unified generation. This includes the Special Olympics Institute for the Unified Generation, an online institute supporting the creation of 40,000 new Unified schools and universities.
  • Pillar 3: Inclusion and Athlete Leadership: Focuses on building inclusive and athlete leadership opportunities as well as leadership and workforce readiness.
  • Campaign Pillar Materials (Dropbox) in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Fundraising Sales Kit

  • Campaign Sales Kit Folder and Divider Graphics Files: The Campaign Sales Kit provides the folder and dividers that you will need to complete your Campaign Booklet. Here you will find the front and back cover for the folder as well as the dividers for the Campaign Overview, Pillar 1, Pillar 2, Pillar 3, Chicago Celebrations, Leadership, Pledge, Funding and Recognition sections that you will be able to have printed and bound locally.
  • Campaign Overview: A summary of our needs, the urgency of this campaign, and the 3 pillars that will help us reach out goals.
  • Chicago Celebrations: Outlines the events that will take place in Chicago to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.
  • Three Pillars: Download a ZIP file containing editable versions of all three pillars documents.
  • Funding Document: Describes the type of gifts a donor can choose from for the Campaign- unrestricted, pillar specific, region specific, endowment, and/or Chicago 50th Anniversary Celebration.
  • Leadership Document: Lists our Campaign Co-Chairs, Campaign Committee, Development leadership and our Board Members.
  • Pledge Form: Documents donor activity, contact information, and includes instructions for the donor.
  • Recognition Document: Dreaks down the different acknowledgement opportunities that will be offered to donors who support the campaign at different levels.


The anniversary kicks off in July 2018.

Background Information



“Celebrating 50 Years” Video. The MP4 will stream from a website; the MOV is best for presentations.
Decades of immense growth, inclusion and empowerment worldwide—all in about 70 seconds (!). From the first Summer and Winter Games to the first Unified team and other 'firsts' around the globe, this video sparkles with sophisticated graphics and inspiration. Let's invite EVERYONE to join us for the next 50 years—and make even more history!!

'Save the Date' Promo Videos. The MP4 will stream from a website; the MOV is best for presentations.
One-Year Out: This version uses beat-heavy electronic dance music. It is a mix of clips that present an "edgy" view of Special Olympics.

Soft 30 & 60 second: This version of the video uses lighthearted music. It is a mix of clips that present traditional view of Special Olympics.

Other Multimedia

Photos: 50 years of historic Special Olympics “Best of…” photos



For those who want to showcase even more about the Special Olympics movement, below are more multimedia resources.

  • Introduction to Special Olympics (ZIP): These seven short videos will introduce you to the Special Olympics global movement, our vision and major programs, including our fast-growing Unified Sports and inclusive health initiatives.
  • Promotional Video B-Roll: This folder features new summer and winter sports b-roll, plus Unified Sports footage.
  • Promotional Photos (ZIP): This folder features photographs that may be used to promote Special Olympics and our wide-ranging programs.
  • Historic Milestones (PDF): This vivid PDF timeline showcases historic milestones before, during and after the founding of Special Olympics.

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