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Virtual Health Promotion

Health Assessment Toolkit


Virtual Training for Health Managers/CD’s

Overview of Virtual Health Promotion Program Toolkit and Resources including narrated slide presentation, script and video version in English. PDF | PPSX | Script PDF | Video

Health Assessment Toolkit

Instructions for Health Promotion Assessment, survey forms, athlete engagement, education sessions, follow-up, social media resources. DOCX | PDF

Health Assessment Invitation Email Template (DOCX)

Template to personalize Health Assessment athlete invitation.

Health Assessment Template (PDF)

Health Assessment Disclaimer (PDF)

SOI Virtual Health Disclaimer: programs may use this one or their own.

Waist Height Measurement Resources

Instructions for waist circumference and height using print materials, video and ppt.

Waist Height Measurement Guide

Waist Height Measurement Instructional Video
Instructions for waist circumference and height.
Imperial | Metric

WHtR Instruction Slides (PPTX)
Instructions for waist circumference and height, in PPTX format with recorded script. Imperial | Metric

Waist Height Measurement Guide (PDF)
Instructions for waist circumference and height, written with graphics. Imperial | Metric

How to Upload Waist Circumference Photo into Health Assessment (PDF)

Instructions on how to upload waist measurement photo into Health Assessment.

Athlete Health Report 2020 (PDF)

Report emailed to athlete to explain results and recommend referrals.

Post-Health Assessment Tools

Health Assessment Webinar with Script (PPTX)

Presentation for programs to use when reporting HP Survey results back to athletes, includes script and education messages. Programs will edit with charts and data collected from HP Assessment Tool, completed by participating athletes.

Health Assessment Webinar with Polling and Script (PPTX)

Presentation illustrating questions for polling method to complete Health Assessment.

Guide to Integrate Responses into Google Forms (PDF)

Instructions on how to move survey responses into Power Point presentation for group education.

Virtual Health Education Resources

Education Posters and Social Media (PPTX)

HP Educational resources for athlete engagement through social media.

Virtual Athlete Power Pack (PPTX)

Materials developed by SO South Africa for "offline" athletes and programs without WIFI or electronic communication devices.