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Program Models

The following fitness resources and programs were created by Special Olympics Programs and have been replicated by other Special Olympics Programs around the world.

Over the past few years, SOI health metrics have shown the positive impact of fitness programming has on our athletes and their partners. Contact the Fitness Team at or +1 (202) 715-6405 if you are interested in implementing a model in your Program.


Created by Special Olympics Connecticut, Unified Fitness Clubs bring together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities and provide opportunities to engage in regular physical activity and talk about good nutrition. The Club focuses on participation, rather than competition – keeping things FUN!


Created by Special Olympics Arkansas, this fitness challenge is designed for individuals with disabilities and their supporters to be active and eat healthy. Participants track their physical activity and nutrition to collect incentives while finding success in a healthier lifestyle.

Logs (PDF)


Logs (PDF)


Logs (PDF)

Combined Nutrition and Activity


Created by Special Olympics Minnesota, SOfit offers individuals with and without intellectual disabilities a holistic, personalized education on physical activity, nutrition, emotional and social wellness.


The Special Olympics Fitness Guide for Schools is a resource that supports and encourages the implementation of fitness in Unified Champion Schools. This guide will introduce each endorsed fitness model and resource, provide tips for fitness implementation and programming, and identify the collaboration between fitness & the three components of Unified Champion Schools: Whole School Engagement, Inclusive Youth Leadership, and Unified Sports.

Special Olympics Unified Fitness Kits and Cards

Special Olympics Unified Fitness Kits and Cards are additional resources created for youth and schools to stay physically active and promote healthy behaviors. The Kits include: Drawstring Bag, Ball, Jump Rope, Cones, Hoop Agility Ladder, Resistance Band, and Fitness Tracker. The cards were created to provide a full body workout to get youth moving and improve sports skills.