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Recruit Club Members: Families
FAMILIES (parents, siblings, caregivers) of people with ID are a vital component of the Special Olympics movement. Contact your National/State office to check on the process of registering families.

There are 3 types of family involvement

Person with megaphone


Take on volunteer and leadership club roles


Attend practices & competitions
Giving high-5s


Ensure athletes participate In practices

Family members can engage in multiple roles in a club:

As volunteers
  • As coaches
  • As club management team members
  • As fundraisers

Many clubs rely on parents for key roles. While parents are typically very dedicated volunteers, be cautious not to over rely on their support. Have a succession plan ready when these parents no longer have their children involved in the club.

Family Engagement Ideas

  • Create a Family coordinator role on the management team to oversee family recruitment and engagement.
  • Create a welcome letter for new athletes and their families with a list of volunteer opportunities and activities.
  • Host a new family orientation session.
  • Invite families to all events with sign-in to capture contact information.
  • Organize family townhall meetings to get their feedback.
  • Create a Club newsletter or social media group for families.
  • Engage siblings to organize fundraisers or awareness raising campaigns at their schools.