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Special Olympics Census collects valuable information about our athletes, coaches, leaders, volunteers and other programmatic components globally. Census is required to be submitted by every Special Olympics accredited Program on an annual basis. The resources below can be downloaded to assist Programs in completing their annual Census.
This guide includes detailed definitions of each metric and important instructions on submitting them.
A step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the Census online system, upload and verify your data-sets as well as an overview of the Policy Survey questions and instructions.
The webinar highlights changes to 2020 Census Guidance and Definitions: gender break-down for coaches, fitness and Unified Schools (SONA-specific).
Supporting PPT for the “New in 2020” webinars. Consists of 3 parts: gender break-down for coaches; fitness; and Unified Schools (SONA-specific).
The webinar highlighted changes to the online system, covered updates to the 2019 Census guidance and definitions, and analyzed the most common Census mistakes.
A visual representation of the information covered on the Webinars. Consists of four parts: importance of Census, steps for successful Census submission, key mistakes and ways to avoid them, and 2019 updates to the Census.
Census Online System
A step-by-step instructions to navigate the Census online system, upload and verify your data-sets and submit your Program data.