Divisioning Quiz

Divisioning is core to the way Special Olympics runs its competitions. In all sports, there are special rules and adaptions that make participation fairer, safer and more competitive for athletes of all abilities. The quiz below highlights aspects of Special Olympics divisioning that coaches and officials should know about. Test your knowledge!
660x400 Divisioning
Divisioning lets every heat of the 100-meter be a close, exciting race.

About This Quiz

The Special Olympics Sports Department has developed this quiz to be a low-pressure way for people to test their knowledge of this Special Olympics sport. Every question has a single correct answer; if you select an incorrect answer, you know immediately and can choose again. As a result, everyone who takes a quiz instantly knows the correct answer to every question. The questions are drawn from information about coaching on the Sports and Games page.

At Special Olympics competitions, we give everyone a chance to compete in the best way -- and fairest way -- possible. This video outlines the unique process we call “divisioning.”

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