World Games Guides

Accommodation Guidelines

 The Delegation Accommodation Guidelines are designed to provide Games Organizing Committees with minimum requirements and guidelines to ensure all accommodation venues provide delegations with the best possible opportunity to prepare their athletes for competition while fostering a spirit of international friendship and cultural exchange in a safe, comfortable enviornment. 

School Enrichment

World_Games present an opportunity not only to showcase Special Olympics athletes'accomplishments, but also to educate an entire population about people with intellectual disabilities. A well-coordinated effort among the Games Organizing Committee (GOC), the host national Program and Special Olympics, Inc., within the nation's schools before, during and after Games time will result in more young people with and without intellectual disabilities being involved with Special Olympics. This initiative is known as the Special Olympics School Enrichment Program. 

Credentialing Project Plan

Credentialing Project Plan for World_Games for management of SOI databases and integration with Kodak Accreditation services.  

Delegation Services Guide

Delegation Services is the communication channel between Delegations and the Games Organization Committee (GOC) in the lead up to Games and at Games time. The Delegation Services Department has to work closely with all other functional areas to make sure that the needs of the Delegations are taken care of and are included in all planning. 

GYS World Games Guide

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) will provide technical and logistical support to bring together young leaders of the Special Olympic movement. The Summit will bring together young leaders with and without intellectual disabilities from all around the world to discuss ways to better integrate persons with and without intellectual disabilities. 

Host Town Program

The World Games Organizing Committee is responsible for planning and implementing a Host Town Program (HTP) immediately preceding the Opening Ceremony of the World Games. The HTP should be developed in consultation with Special Olympics’ World Games & Competitions department. Communities throughout the host country welcome delegation members to their towns for four days to rest, acclimate, train, make final preparations for sports they will be competing in, participate in cultural exchanges and celebrate the spirit of our movement with the people of communities throughout the host country.  

Observers Program

The World Games Organizing Committee will host an Observer Program during the World Games. This program should be developed in consultation with Special Olympics' World Games & Competitions Department. It will provide Organizing Committees future Olympic Games the opportunity to observe and learn from the organization and operation of the Games.  

Scientific Research Symposium

Special Olympics has used the occasion of its World Games not just to host the largest gathering of sports competitions and pageantry for persons with intellectual disabilities around the world, but also as a stage for advancing social, scientific and policy research and activities that support the Special, Olympics mission. 

Special Olympics Town Athlete Entertainment

Special Olympics Town provides athletes with a variety of entertainment, educational and cultural experiences. The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) is to develop an easily accessible, centrally located Special Olympics Town for all delegations. 

Sports Information Desk

The primary function of the Sports Information Desk is to facilitate the timeliest dissemination of information and provide an explanation of the process to team officials (registered head Coaches and delegates). 

Technical Delegates

The volunteer Technical Delegate (TD) shall represent Special Olympics as the key sport advisor for a specific sport and shall be responsible for ensuring that the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) correctly interprets, implements and enforces Special Olympics Sports Rules and modifications, the rules of the relevant International Sport Federation and current rule changes. 

Volunteer Management Guide

The purpose of the Volunteer Management Guide is to assist Games Organizing Committees' with establishing a standard for addressing volunteer recruitment, screening, orientational training, supervision and recognition. 

World Games Insurance Guide

 The health and safety of Special Olympics athletes and all Games participants is of paramount importance to Special Olympics. Insurance is one part of an overall risk management program designed to mitigate risks to the Games Organizing Committee and SOI.