Benchmark Email

May 22, 2012

Special Olympics International has used Benchmark Email for more than a year to communicate among SOI staff, regions offices and programs. It is an easy-to-use system that offers many interesting and useful features such as open-rates and click-throughs reporting, polls and quizzes, images and videos and more.


  • According to Special Olympics Benchmark stats, emails sent on Mondays have a higher click rate than emails sent on any other day of the week.
  • The average open rate for Special Olympics Benchmark emails is over 30 percent. Benchmark reports its overall open rate is about 20 percent. Several emails sent from Special Olympics have an open rate over 50 percent!
  • Of the Special Olympics Benchmark emails that used polls, 20 percent of the total number of clicks went to filling out the poll.

Who Can Use Benchmark Email?

Departments at Special Olympics International and Special Olympics region offices can use Benchmark to send emails to others in Special Olympics. Benchmark is not to be used for marketing or fundraising. It is important that the recipients of Benchmark emails be already associated with Special Olympics. This is a list of the departments and regions using Benchmark:

  • The Healthy Athletes program
  • Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia region office
  • Special Olympics North America region office
  • Special Olympics Asia Pacific
  • Special Olympics Africa
  • Special Olympics Latin America
  • Special Olympics headquarters

300x200 Benchmark graphs

Charts For Tracking. Benchmark Email reports show at a glance how well each email performed. It's realtime reporting, so you don't need to wait to see how an email is faring.


SOI worked closely with the designers at our good partner Perfect Sense Digital to design a template that is of professional quality.

You will notice that each template follows the same color palette, but they all present a different look and feel. In order to insure that the templates display and function properly within Benchmark Email, please use the most up-to-date Firefox browser. Download Firefox

To ensure that the design of the template is maintained, there are a small number of guidelines that the user must adhere to. All of which will be explained if you decide to utilize the system for your internal communications.

Banners have been created to adhere to the new Special Olympics branding standards.


Realtime Reporting. This reports shows the open rate, click rate, forwards, the number of undeliverable emails and how many were not opened. This analysis points out trouble spots that can be fixed.

More Info

To learn more about Benchmark, you can visit And Rafael Pacheco, SOI's manager of e-communications, will discuss how to get you signed up and sending emails. Get in touch with Rafael at