Athlete Development Model

The Special Olympics Athlete Development Model is based on a four-stage progression that promotes motor and skill development, health and fitness, while preparing athletes for competition at all levels.

Athlete Development Model Overview

This is a collection documents and videos that serve as an overview for the athlete development model.  Learn more ››

Fundamentals Stage

The focus is on the basics of motor development and fundamentals of sports skills, building a foundation of health, fitness and nutrition habits.  Learn More ››

Learning to Train Stage

Intent to convert skills learned in the Fundamental stage into sports specific skills, within multiple sport settings, focusing on learning to train.  Learn More ››

Training to Compete Stage

The athlete narrows their training to focus on one or two sports and becomes comfortable with all aspects of competition preparation.  Learn More ››

Recreation Stage

The athlete continues to participate in sports, have fun and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Learn More ››