Videos: Stories about our Athletes


All Downhill From Here - Curtis - USA
Curtis has overcome many challenges in his life -- and extremely low expectations. But on the ski slopes, he makes it all look easy.
Andy Miyares - USA
Swimming is Andy Miyares’ great love and it has been an equalizer for him. The pool is a place where he belongs, a place where he thrives.
Be a Fan of Courage - Kevin Erickson
Kevin Erickson and his family are forever changed when Kevin discovers the joys of Special Olympics golf even as he fights cancer.
Be a Fan of Dignity - Florence Nabayinda - Uganda
Raised amid society's low expectations, she once thought of herself as trash. Today, Florence Nabayinda meets with government leaders in Uganda to raise support and awareness of people with intellectual disabilities and Special Olympics.
Be a fan of Family - Meet the Eikenbergs
Special Olympics Germany athlete Werner and his sister Franzi are not just siblings and friends, but they are also athlete and coach.
Be a Fan of Passion - Jia Qi Hui - China
A destructive and easily distracted child, Jia Qi Hui is now focused and thriving after discovering a passion for table tennis.
128x85 Speechless Susie's Story
Be a Fan of Skill - Maicon Santana - Brazil
Maicon Santana dreams that his passion and natural talent for football (soccer) can one day help support his parents and four siblings.
128 x 85 Susie Speechless
David Egan Leading by Example
Skills and confidence learned on the playing field -- and the swimming pool! -- have helped David all his life. He's taken his public speaking skills before U.S. lawmakers, and to the United Nations -- and he's not done yet!
Every Day Is a Feast! Rabah of Lebanon
Rabah Kino finds more than success on the slopes at World Winter Games. He also finds joy in his accomplishment -- and joy seeing the pride his family feels in his progress.
Fighting Negative Expectations - Deon Namiseb - Namibia
Deon Namiseb, Special Olympics athlete, shares his life story and how he is determined to change how the world views and treats people with intellectual disabilities.
Joy of Success - Team South Africa - Floor Hockey
As they train for Winter Games, teammates from South Africa show what they're capable of -- and they return home feeling like champions.
Life as a Gymnast: Svetlana Lebedeva - Russia
Left in an orphanage as an infant, Svetlana’s joy for life shows through her knitting, cooking and dance skills, but competing as a gymnast is where she excels.
Macy Harnisch Hope for the Future
When they learned that Macy had been born with Down syndrome they did not know what to expect but they knew about Special Olympics.
Maryam Hassan - Dubai
Lack of experience with cold weather and snow would never keep Maryam Hasan from training to compete in the snowshoeing competition at the World Winter Games.
Meet Charles Howard - USA
Charles Howard may be a great snowboarder, but it is his personality that makes him a particularly outstanding athlete. Charles exudes self-confidence and a sense of humor that resounds with his teammates.
Once in a Lifetime - Andres - Venezuela
Andres takes pride in representing Venezuela at World Winter Games. His training and performance in figure-skating add up to an experience he'll remember forever.
P&G Honors Special Olympics Moms
Ahead of the 2011 World Summer Games in Athens, P&G produced this video about Team USA athlete Molly Hincka and her mother, Kerry.
Rajdeep Singh Sachar - India
Introverted and withdrawn in school, Rajdeep found confidence and pride on the cricket field.
Simon Mothibi - South Africa
Simon earns prize money in local running competitions to help supplement his mother’s $40 a month wage that supports her four children.
Team Ecuador Trains for World Games
This video tells the story of Carlos Castillo and his teammates who have grown up together and have been training hard for the 2011 World Games in Athens.
Team Hungary's Figure Skating Team - Going for the Gold!
Team Hungary's figure skating team trained hard for the chance to compete in the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games.
Ted: A Healthy Path
With World Games ahead, Ted’s coach pushed the team to eat healthier during training. It’s just a glimpse into how Special Olympics has been there for Ted.
To Bring Honor to Korea - Donghan Kim - Korea
Special Olympics Korea athlete Donghan Kim has been doing most of his training at the local swimming pool in Ulsan, counting the days til the first Special Olympics open-water swimming event at the Summer Games in Athens, Greece.
Ximena Varela - Panama
On paper, Ximena de Varela may sound like a typical popular, high-achieving high school student.
Unified Floor Hockey Teammates and Friends - George - Greece
George and Kostas talk about their friendship -- and how Unified Sports helps people with intellectual disabilities and without, both on and off the court.
Leading by Example: David
Skills and confidence gained through sports have helped David also develop speaking and leadership skills. He’s addressed Congress and the U.N. – and he’s not done yet.
Catherine: More than Sports
After taking part in Special Olympics sports for many years, Catherine and her family learned what a huge -- and life-changing -- difference a visit to a Special Olympics Healthy Athletes clinic can make.
Nick: A Chance to Play
After a tough start, Nick found a place to grow and excel with Special Olympics Young Athletes. "He can compete and feel successful," says his mom, "and be a kid, just like everybody else!"