Flickr Photo Sharing for the Special Olympics Movement

May 22, 2012

Special Olympics events around the world have yielded an incredible bounty of really, really good photos, and hundred of the best photos have been posted on Flickr for distribution to our regions and their programs.

300 x 200 how to download on Flickr

How to Download an Image. The icon at right, showing an arrow and a line, is the download icon.  Try it on this page.

How to Download Photos

To get to our listing of sets, go to (and please bookmark) this URL:  

Here's an index of Flickr photo galleries, sorted by theme and major event. This will be easier to sort through than Flickr for many circumstances.

All photos are at highest possible resolution. To download any one of them, select the photo by clicking on it. When the larger version is displayed, look in the right side for three dots. Click the three dots to reveal downloading options.

There is a "Download" link directly above the listing of sizes. Pick the size you want and download it.

Quick Facts on Flickr

  • All photos are in full-resolution and smaller
  • No password is necessary
  • Photos are organized in sets
  • Use the search box to find things you are looking for quickly.

Next Steps for Flickr

This site will continue to be our method of distribution of photos for regions and programs. SOI will add selected photos to fill out our sports categories to include fantastic winter sports photos.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can email Will Schermerhorn at SOI.