April 06, 2017 | SOI General: Headquarters

Now is The Time to Propose Changes to Sport Rules

By Marie Merritt

It is the time of year for Programs to submit rules proposals! 

This year we will accept rules proposal submissions for all sports-specific rules, Sport Rules Article 1 and/or any concerns and submissions relevant to the safety and/or health of Special Olympics athletes, coaches, officials and others. We request that any proposals be submitted to us no later than September 1, 2017. 

All Proposed Rules changes must arrive on an official Proposed Rule Change Form and be submitted to: This includes rule change proposals generated during sports resource team discussions, within Programs, and any committees. 

Any and all grammar change recommendations, not impacting the intent of the rules, may be submitted on one 2016 sport-specific rules document in the track-changes format. 

The Sport Rules Advisory Committee (SRAC) will convene January 2018 to review all rules proposals. Resulting recommendations from the Bi-annual SRAC meeting are shared with SRT Chairperson by the SRAC liaison, and sent to SOI Sport Department for approval. 

If necessary, SOI Sport Department has a Sport Rules Review Jury overseen by the VP of Sport & Health to evaluate any concerns. The goal is to post revised rules in the spring of 2018. As a reminder, we also have a document with Criteria for Evaluation located here.

About Marie Merritt: Sr. Manager, Unified Sports & Sport Planning

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