Special Olympics Research Studies

Special Olympics is the leader in cutting-edge research and evaluation to better understand the many challenges faced by people with intellectual disabilities and the significant impact of Special Olympics on their lives. Our independent research is also a driving force for realizing improved policies, laws and rights for people with intellectual disabilities around the world.


The Research Bibliography lists citations for all research papers commissioned by Special Olympics and other papers related to intellectual disability.

Research Policy Papers

Special Olympics research policy papers distill the organization's scientific findings into shorter overviews of topics of particular interest to the movement. Designed for readers without scientific backgrounds, these papers often draw from multiple sources to explore a issue, rather than just summarize one research study.

The Scope of Special Olympics

Special Olympics has a much broader reach than most people realize, with events around the globe and initiatives that branch out beyond sports into areas such as public health and education.

Impact of Special Olympics Programming

Special Olympics has established through large-scale objective studies that it is having a large and positive impact on the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and communities and society at large. Special Olympics has never been more relevant to families and society because it promotes attitude changes and encourages enlightenment as the standard in society instead of the exception.
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