December 14, 2012 | North America: District of Columbia

Global Youth Leaders Make Their Presence Known

By Ron Vederman

Brina Maximo, Special Olympics Philippines Athlete and 2013 GYAS partcipant.

Youth leaders from 22 countries are preparing now for their gathering in South Korea at the Special Olympics Global Youth Activation Summit, which will be in the Republic of Korea during the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games in late January, 2013. An example of the SOI Strategic Plan for youth governance can be found in The Philippines with Ms. Brina Kei Maxino, who is on their national stage promoting youth engagement with enthusiastic support of the Special Olympics Program leadership helping to arrange spgaking engagements, media interviews and partnership meetings for Brina and her partner, Isabela (Sashi) Montana, prior to their departure in January to Korea.

About Ron Vederman: 2013 Global Youth Activation Summit Director

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