Young Athletes Equipment

The Special Olympics Young Athletes program can be done at home using easy-to-find materials. If you want to special-order any pieces, see below.

Easy to Find Materials

The basic things needed are:


  • A balance beam
  • Light inflatable ball
  • Bean bags
  • Cones
  • Large Plastic Blocks
  • Floor Markers
  • Hoops
  • Paddle
  • Scarf
  • Small Foam Ball 


300 x 200 Young Athletes Equipment

How to Buy

The items shown are part of the Young Athletes' equipment set. You may purchase this equipment at: ( Additional equipment that may be used includes: junior-size basketball, junior-size plastic golf club, junior-size plastic hockey stick, junior-size racket, junior-size soccer ball, playground ball, plastic bat, rope, tee, tennis ball.

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