Mattel Innovative Practices

Support for Special Olympics Programs to further their missions by engaging athletes, young people, families and volunteers is the key to our partnership with Global Sponsor Mattel and The Mattel Children’s Foundation since 2005. We share these 2011 innovative practices gathered from around our Regions with our international movement so that we may document case studies to provide inspiration to Program leadership, governmental and non-governmental policy makers, the funder, potential funders and other key stakeholders.

Mattel Innovative Practices

What is an Innovative Practice?

An "innovative practice" can be described as a successful example of a Mattel award in achieving the Program’s strategic goals. The innovative practice example will describe creative and sustainable impacts the award has made on the Program, including making a difference on the lives of those who are touched by the award, leveraging partnerships and networking with other governmental and/or non-governmental organizations, generating awareness and having potential for replication.

Innovative Practices

Innovative Practices will be shared in each of the three Special Olympics and Mattel partnership impact areas:

Each practice will contain a geographical map of the Program, contact information, metrics in several categories that were achieved by the award, descriptions of selected characteristics from the implementation of the award. 


For additional information, please contact Jenna Briggs, Senior Manager for Families and Young Athletes at.   (202) 824-0275(202) 824-0345

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