Overview for Families

We want to ensure that all family members who are interested in the Strategic Plan understand what we plan to achieve and how they can support us in our efforts.  We will add tools as they become available.

2011-2015 Strategic Plan

  • Description: Our Five-Year Global Strategic Plan
  • Audience: Stakeholders and insiders who want detailed information and are familiar with our Movement
  • Languages Available: English (PDF); Chinese (PDF);  French (PDF);  Arabic (PDF)  

Simple-Language Plan

  • Description: A version of the Plan that was created in response to people who asked for a short, simple language version of our Plan
  • Audience: Athletes and other people who want a simple-language overview
  • Languages Available: English (PDF)   

One-Page Plan Summary and 5-Pillar Framework

  • Description: A one-page overview of our Global Strategic Plan. This includes our Five-Pillar Framework, our strategic initiatives, and Pillar-level goals
  • Audience: External stakeholders who want an overview of our Global Strategic Plan
  • Languages Available: English (PDF)   

Materials for Families

The Family Support Network e-Library provides tools and resources to support achievement of the Strategic Plan goals for Families and Young Athletes program areas.

For More Information

We encourage you to get in touch with your own Program staff to see what additional support and materials are available in your Program. Region and Program Contacts

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