Strategic Plan Overview (2011-2015)

The 2011-2015 Strategic Plan is a global document that will guide the Movement in pursuing sustainable, quality growth in support of our mission.  This overview will give you a sense of our exciting plans for the next five years.

What is the Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan outlines our global strategic priorities.  The document describes the recent history of Special Olympics, outlines our organizational values, sets organizational goals, and provides some guidance on how these goals will be reached. Here is the official hub of information about the Strategic Plan.

Achieving our ambitious goals will require coordination and support from people at every level of our Movement. The support of everyone--athletes, coaches, families, volunteers, Program staff, SOI employees, donors—is critical to our success.  As a first step, we recommend that you get familiar with the Strategic Plan.

Intense Collaboration

We launched our strategic planning process over eighteen months ago with a survey that solicited feedback from over 1,600 people across all geographies and levels of our Movement.  In June, we held the 2010 Global Congress in Marrakech, Morocco, where over 600 representatives from Programs, Regions and Headquarters met to discuss the Plan. After the Global Congress, the Strategic Plan was revised and improved to reflect the comments and suggestions that were made.  Creating the plan involved hundreds of thousands of hours of research and collaboration across the Special Olympics Movement.

Our Pillars

The Strategic Plan was published in December 2010. A major feature of our Plan is our Five Pillar Framework.  This Pillar Framework helps to clearly capture our five top level priorities.

Advance Quality Sports & Competitions:

We care about enhancing athletes training and competition experience on and off the field. Special Olympics will include 5.3 million athletes by the end of 2015, up from the current base of 3.2 million. We will also focus on recruiting more coaches, enhancing coaches training, providing more unified sports opportunities (in which people with and without intellectual disabilities participate side-by-side), and offering more competitions to our athletes.

Build Communities:

We are committed to building communities of tolerance and acceptance for everyone.  This Pillar focuses on providing more leadership opportunities for athletes, involving families in support of the Young Athletes program, engaging influential leaders in support of our work, effectively engaging youth, and providing more Healthy Athletes programming.

Connect Fans & Funds:

We must grow our revenue in order to meet our ambitious targets.  We will raise revenue through increasing current revenue streams and identifying and developing new sources of funding.  In addition, we will make our brand message more consistent across all forms of communication and effectively engage fans through using online technologies.

Develop Movement Leadership:

Effectively implementing our Plan will require strong leadership at all levels of the Movement. Special Olympics will develop and support its leaders through training, recognition, Program measurement, and policy changes.

Establish Sustainable Capabilities:

Special Olympics will scrutinize the way it gets things done across the Movement to increase efficiency, lower cost, improve information management, and enhance communication.Within Each Pillar is a Plan.

Each Pillar contains multiple strategic initiatives and goals. Strategic initiative pages provide initial thoughts on the roles of Special Olympics Headquarters, Regions and Programs. As these sections are specific and detailed, we have been told that they are overwhelming for many people. We are committed to creating and sharing supporting materials which will help you to understand the Plan and its implications for you.  Watch for new materials.  We will share them as they become available.

Making It Happen

The most important thing to take away is that we need YOUR help in ensuring that our Plan is a success.  While Programs around the world have voiced a commitment to helping us achieve our global priorities, successful implementation of the Plan will require support from all levels of our Movement---from the athlete and coach on the field to Tim Shriver in his office in DC.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with a Plan, educate others around you about we are trying to achieve, and support us in our efforts.  Thank you for your interest and your commitment to what we do!

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