Special Olympics' Strategic Plan

The Special Olympics Strategic Plan lays out a vision and strategy for the next five years. The document is a testament to the power of our Special Olympics Movement coming together towards common goals. 

Getting Started

This page is the starting point for getting information on the Strategic Plan. Briefly, the document outlines our global strategic priorities from now until 2015, outlines our organizational values, sets organizational goals and provides guidance on how these goals will be reached. You can find basic information in this easy-to-read introduction to the Strategic Plan.

And here's a page with all Strategic Plan-related downloads.

About the Plan

The idea for a Strategic Plan emerged when Brady Lum, President & COO, first joined Special Olympics in 2009. Brady encountered an amazing organization that had done a lot to further opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. As the organization’s 2005-2010 Strategic Plan was coming to an end, Brady saw an opportunity to create a new Strategic Plan that would promote global alignment throughout the Movement. 

Igniting A Movement

This brochure is a great intro to the plan. View it now.

For the Movement, By the Movement

Over 1,600 people, from athletes to Program leaders and from Africa to North America, responded to a Mission Effectiveness Survey that helped us to identify our true, global priorities. In June of 2010, over 600 leaders from throughout the Movement met in Marrakesh, Morocco for a Global Congress in which strategic priorities were tested, discussed, and agreed upon. We formed Pillar Working Groups comprised of subject matter experts, including: coaches, Program leaders, Special Olympics International Staff, family members, athletes, and other key stakeholders. These Groups served as authors of the Plan in order to ensure that we put on paper was relevant, high impact, and achievable.

Our Plan is the result of literally hundreds of thousands of hours of work. We hope that you will take the time to educate yourself on what we are trying to achieve and how you can assist us in reaching our important goals. Thank you for your dedication and interest! 

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