World’s Largest Truck Convoy

The Truck Convoy® is a unique one-day celebration of the trucking industry and its support of Special Olympics. Local law enforcement makes special dispensation and escort a convoy of trucks up to 50 miles through their town.


To find a World’s Largest Truck Convoy® in your local area, please see the details below.

Truckers meet at a staging location and are escorted in convoy to a predetermined destination, such as a raceway, fairgrounds or truck stop, where they are welcomed by the Special Olympics community - athletes, families, friends, colleagues, law enforcement officers, and the organizations, companies and agencies that make up the trucking industry. A celebration - a picnic, barbecue, awards ceremony, etc. is held to recognize participating truckers and the support of the trucking industry. Whatever form the celebration takes, the message is the same: "Thank you for your support of Special Olympics athletes and for keeping our communities moving!"

Inspired by the powerful impact Special Olympics had on his life through his participation in the Law Enforcement Torch Run®, combined with his family's involvement with the trucking industry, Norm Schneiderhan, a Corporal with the Orange County Sheriff's Department, created the Truck Convoy, a one-day celebration of the trucking industry to help raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics.

The 2016 Truck Convoy will take place in various locations during Trucker Appreciation Week (September 11-17, 2016) and the full month of September. Please find below the Truck Convoy dates by location and attached event details. For more information, please contact the individual listed for your state or province below, or Victoria Rivers, Manager, LETR/Corporate Development, Special Olympics, +1 202 824-0341 or

Truck Convoy News and Stories

June 23, 2016 | North America: Kansas

Thank you to my friend!

By Luke Schulte

I often run into people who don't understand why officers carrying a torch through their hometown is such a big deal. One boy does.View Story As I tour Kansas for the Law Enforcement Torch Run, I often run into people and the general public who don't quite understand why officers carrying a torch through their hometown is such a big deal.But as one parent told me, it meant the world to her little boy, who is also a Special Olympics Kansas athlete.They were standing on the corner waiting for the officers to carry the "Flame of Hope" through their community. The little boy could see the police cars coming, lights flashing. He anxiously waited on the corner, waiting to see the torch and torch runner. Once he caught a glimpse, he smiled and waved to the officer. "There's my friend!" he exclaimed. When the mom asked if he knew who that was, his answer was simple. "No, but he has a badge and a torch, so he is my friend!"His mother relayed this along to me to share with all the officers in Kansas carrying the torch, thanking them for being a friend to her son, whether they know him or not!

About Luke Schulte:I'm VP of Development and Liaison for the Kansas Law Enforcement Torch Run.
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May 23, 2016 | North America: Maryland

Special Olympics Maryland's own Toni Duncan selected to 2017 LETR Final Leg

By Jason Schriml

United States Probation officer Toni Duncan

United States Probation Officer Toni Duncan will run the Final Leg for the 2017 Special Olympics Winter World Games in Austria.View Story Recently 19 year veteran of the United States Probation Officer Toni Duncan was honored by being one of two Maryland LETR representatives selected to run the Final Leg for the 2017 Special Olympics Winter World Games in Austria. Special Olympics Maryland athlete Adam Hays, himself a 2011 LETR Final Leg runner in Greece, caught up with Toni Duncan to ask her a few questions. Here is a sampling of the questions Adam asked. When and how did you become involved with the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics? I became involved while at the Federal gym running on the treadmill and an ATF Agent Kevin McCann asked me if I wanted to buy a t shirt. Somehow a few months later (former MD LETR Director) John Newnan took me out to lunch with a Special Olympics Maryland (SOMD) staff and asked me if I wanted to be the Federal Coordinator for SOMD. That was probably 15 years ago. When do you start your adventure and how long will you be there for? We leave for Bregenz, Austria on Tuesday 3/7. We will begin carrying the Flame of Hope on Thursday 3/9 and run daily until 3/18. Later in the evening of 3/18 the opening ceremonies begin. We plunge on 3/19 (in 8 or 9 degree weather!) We will return home on 3/20.

About Jason Schriml:VP Communications and Branding
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April 15, 2016 | North America: Canada

Running with the Flame of Hope

By Katherine Dalusong

Officer Steve Schmidt carrying the Flame of Hope into the opening ceremony of the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games

A Strathcona County Peace Officer joined officers from across Canada and ran from St. John’s to Corner Brook to spread awareness of Special Olympics and the Flame of Hope.View Story Officer Schmidt, a Strathcona County Peace Officer and member of the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) for Special Olympics Alberta, joined officers from across Canada and ran from St. John’s to Corner Brook to spread awareness and carry the Flame of Hope to mark the official start of the National Winter Games. Running into a full crowd of cheering fans and athletes, Officer Steve Schmidt beamed with pride as he joined his fellow LETR officers in the opening ceremonies for the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Special Olympics Alberta interviewed Officer Schmidt about his amazing journey and experience being part of the Final Leg as one of the Guardians of the Flame. When did you join LETR and why did you decided to become part of the movement? Officer Schmidt: I initially started with the LETR in 2011 and became really active in 2014. I joined because a couple friends of mine got me interested and I became involved because I feel a strong connection to Special Olympics as I believe it is such a great cause and promotes equality and inclusion. I also have a personal connection to Special Olympics as I have a family member with an intellectual disability What are some of the memorable moments you had participating in the Final Leg? Officer Schmidt: I can’t even begin to think of only a few memorable moments because my time in Newfoundland was filled with so many. The friends that I made with LETR members from across Canada, meeting such amazing Special Olympics athletes from local chapters all over Newfoundland, the amazing welcoming that we got from the various communities that we stopped at along the Final Leg to do community events with athletes, coaches and other volunteers was amazing.

About Katherine Dalusong:As the Special Olympics Alberta marketing and communications manager, I proudly share the stories and experiences of our amazing athletes, volunteers and supporters.
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