Strategic Plan Overview Athletes

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Plan!  The athlete experience was identified as the most important thing in our entire Strategic Plan.

Purpose of the Plan

The Plan will try to make Special Olympics better, so that it can:

  • Grow to include more athletes
  • Increase the number and quality of trainings
  • Increase the number and quality of competitions
  • Provide more athlete leadership opportunities
  • Do a number of other things to improve the athlete experience

Our Plan

We want to share information that will help you to better understand our Plan and share it with others.
In the section below, you will find the long, detailed version of our Strategic Plan in several languages.  You will also find a Simple Language Plan that is shorter and easier to understand.  We recommend that you start with the Simple Language Plan and then read the longer version if you want more details.  We have also included a Power Point (Strategic Plan Overview) on the Plan that you can use if you are making presentations.  There is also an informational pamphlet (One-Page Plan Summary and 5-Pillar Framework) that you can share with donors, sponsors, coaches and other people who want to learn more.

Simple-Language Plan

  • Description: A version of the Plan that was created in response to people who asked for a short, simple language version of our Plan 
  • Audience: Athletes and other people who want a simple-language overview
  • Languages Available: English (PDF)

2011-2015 Strategic Plan

  • Description: Our Five-Year Global Strategic Plan
  • Audience: Stakeholders and insiders who want detailed information and are familiar with our Movement
  • Languages Available:English (PDF); Chinese (PDF); French (PDF); Arabic (PDF)

Strategic Plan Overview

  • Description: A high-level overview of our Plan and Pillars that can be used for presentations 
  • Audience: Anyone interested in the five pillars
  • Languages Available:English (PPTX)

One-Page Plan Summary (Pamphlet)

  • Description: A one-page overview of our Global Strategic Plan. This includes our Five-Pillar Framework, our strategic initiatives, and Pillar-level goals
  • Audience: External stakeholders and who want an overview of our Global Strategic Plan
  • Languages Available:English (PDF)

For More Information

We encourage you to get in touch with your own Program staff to see what additional  materials are available and how you can help. Region and Program Contacts

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