Young Athletes Equipment

The following items are provided in the Young Athletes Program Kit. Substitutions are listed beside each item.

Program Kit

Balance Beam (rope or floor markers)
Light, Inflatable Ball (any ball)
Bean Bags (small toys, figures or natural items such as flowers, leaves, etc.)
Cones (boxes or cut logs of different sizes)
Large Plastic Blocks (cut logs of different sizes, foam blocks)
Dowels (yardsticks, paper towel or gift wrap rolls, small tree branches)
Floor Markers (placemats or material in different sizes and shapes and colors)
Hoops (different sized boxes, hula hoops)
Paddle (short stick)
Scarf (any flowing, light material)
Small Foam Ball (any ball)

Additional equipment that may be used includes: junior-size basketball, junior-size plastic golf club, junior-size plastic hockey stick, junior-size racket, junior-size soccer ball, playground ball, plastic bat, rope, tee, tennis ball.

You may purchase this equipment at  

Suggested equipment is listed beside each skill throughout the activity guide.

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