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On 20 July 2017, the seventh global Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day will be celebrated around the world, bringing together people with and without intellectual disabilities in various activities to honor the inspiration, impact and indomitable spirit of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. While millions Special Olympics athletes and millions of coaches, families, fans and friends live her legacy and lead our movement every day, we unite on Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day in over 170 countries and thousands of communities to show the world the power of unity to create opportunities of acceptance.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day Overview

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day is an annual celebration of her life and a global call to action for people to live in a more unified society --  in sport, in the community and in the work place. By committing acts of inclusion, acceptance and unity for and with people with intellectual disabilities, we will continue to build on Eunice Kennedy Shriver's legacy. To give ever new life to Eunice Kennedy Shriver's vision, we are calling the athletes, families and friends of Special Olympics to come together in a day of inclusion and we need your help. Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday in September. 

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver's 'Saturday Evening Post' Article


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